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When discussing Australian commodities, wheat is typically the most well-known of all domestic crops. Sown around March to May across the country, wheat is harvested throughout Spring and Summer and is grown primarily for domestic use and feed-stock.

This food staple is one of Australia’s most valuable exports and our wheat is known globally for its high-quality appearance and taste, excellence of bulk handling and storage systems and resistance to pests and disease.

MARZ International have built close relationships with a wide range of growers across Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland, the states which produce the majority of Australian wheat.

We’re proud to offer our client the very best pick of the wheat crop, shipped via our integrated transport system to your food processing or commercial premises across the globe.

For more information about Australian wheat, or to have our team contact you to discuss your particular commodity requirements, we invite you to get in touch via our contact page.



Suited for growing in poor soils in partly arid areas, sorghum has long been an export favourite due to its low fat, low sodium, carbohydrate and vitamin rich nutritional values. Related to sugar cane and millet, sorghum is Australia’s third largest crop and a staple for breads and cereals that are commercially or domestically produced across the world.

Thanks to world leading research into pest and disease resistant grains, Australian sorghum has a reputation not only for its high quality and taste, but also for its long shelf life due to the excellence of Australian standard bulk handling and transportation systems.

Our team at MARZ International are proud to have established a professional and communicative relationship with some of the biggest sorghum producers in the northern growing regions of Australia; it is through this network we are able to offer fast transportation of sorghum to any port across the globe.

To discuss your particular sorghum needs, our team invite you to get in touch via our contact page today.



A member of the brassica family, but more well known for its distinctive fields of vivid yellow throughout Spring, Canola is grown in many states, but mostly in those with a reasonable rainfall average.

Produced for its seed, canola is used primarily for oil which is created by crushing the seed for use for cooking and edible oil blends; canola oil byproducts can then be used as a high protein feed-stock.

MARZ International have an excellent working relationship with a range of canola growers across Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, resulting in a quality commodity that can be bulk handled, stored and transported using rigorous quality control systems to ensure the best possible canola product reaches your food processing or commercial premises.

For more information about Australian canola or to discuss your specific commodity needs, we invite you to contact our team today.



Able to adapt to a range of environmental conditions, oats are widely grown as a broadacre crop throughout Australia, even in regions with poor soil conditions and lower rainfall averages. An annual grass, oats are sown and harvested for human consumption, for the use of grain as stock feed and also for as fodder and silage.

This staple grain is a major cereal crop for human consumption in almost every country around the world and remains popular due to its high fibre, protein and energy content. 

Our dedicated export team has formed strong working relationships with growers across the country, and particularly in Western Australia where around half of all Australian oats are grown. These partnerships, along with our excellent logistical and transport network results in the highest quality oat product delivered to your food processing or commercial premises no matter where you’re located.

To discuss your Australian oat or specific commodity needs, we invite you to contact our team of export specialists today.



Encompassing a wide range of individual seeds and grains, Australian grown pulses include lentils, mungbean, peas, broad beans, chickpeas and lupins, along with other varieties such as navy and azuki beans.

Highly desirable for human consumption due to high nutritional content and easy food processing methods, Australia’s diverse agricultural conditions and strict bulk handling, storage and shipping standards ensure a high-quality commodity always reaches our clients.

The MARZ International team have formed strong professional relationships with pulse growers, particularly those in Western Australia, New South Wales and South Australia who are the largest domestic producers. Paired with our excellent interstate and international logistical network, we can offer fast and efficient delivery of pulses to your premises.

For more information about Australian pulses, including specifications, packing & pricing, speak to one of our specialist export team about your commodity needs. We invite you to get in touch via our contact page today.


Most well known as a source of malt in the fermenting process for beer, barley was one of the world’s first cultivated grains and is also a valuable feedstock and ingredient in commercially produced bread, cereal and soup products.

With a high fibre content and cholesterol lowering qualities, barley is also recognised for its intestinal health benefits, making it highly desirable for human consumption. 

Grown across Australia, in a variety of soil and climatic environments, barley has benefitted from research into the prevention of pest and disease, making it one of the most resilient crops produced for export.

With excellent working relationships with Australian barley growers, and a stringent bulk handling, storage and transport standards for export, the MARZ International team offer exceptional logistical and delivery systems at competitive prices.

For more information about Australian barley, or to discuss your specific commodity requirements, we invite you to contact one of our specialist export team today.